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Registration for the Media Module is currently closed.



SOBI Media is a learning program created by Publicis Groupe Media for MEDIA specializations within the advertising industry. 

Courses will cover everything from the fundamentals of media planning and buying for both traditional and emerging media, the digital tools that are reshaping the media and advertising world every day, to the measurement of the campaign results.

The program consists of 2 units of study. The first one is theoretical, where you attend courses that help you learn the ABCs of advertising. If you manage to pass, you move on to the practical module: a paid internship.

Read more about each below.

Theoretical unit


It's like a school, but worse.

The teachers are Publicis specialists that are not allowed to go on strike, so the school is on.

The courses are online and free of charge, followed by a workshop where your presence is mandatory. 

The internship and beyond


After successfully graduating the courses and the workshop, you are in for a 3-month paid internship. Beyond internship there might be an actual job.


  • Students in final-year, master’s degree students or recent graduate, preferably specialized in marketing, communication, sociology, statistics or mathematics.
  • Fluent English speakers.
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  • Those who have a minimum knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • People who are eager to learn and are not affraid of challenges.

  • Those who are organized and attentive to details.
  • Those who are willing to collaborate and work in a team.
  • Those who are able to work in a constantly evolving environment and adapt to new situations.
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Next Session

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February - July

All dates are subject to change.

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September - February

All dates are subject to change.

What would you learn?

  • What is Media Planning: Key terminology & Tools
  • Building a Media Strategy
  • Introduction in Digital Communication
  • Digital Media Opportunities
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media
  • Programmatic Media 
  • Measurement 
  • Planning Process Radio, OOH, Press 
  • Media Special Projects
  • Live workshop @ Publicis Groupe Office
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  • Alexandra Dimitriu

    Alexandra Dimitriu

    Chief Media Officer

  • Diana Ionel

    Diana Ionel

    Publicis Media Precision Lead

  • Vlad Tudosie

    Vlad Tudosie

    Head of Business Unit

  • Mihai Cojocaru

    Mihai Cojocaru

    Digital Media Lead

  • Virgil Pascu

    Virgil Pascu

    Biddable Media Director

  • Andreea Livadariu

    Andreea Livadariu

    Biddable Media Strategist

  • Andreea Ivanov

    Andreea Ivanov

    Senior Programmatic Trader

  • Ioana Mihai

    Ioana Mihai

    Precision Media Analytics Director

  • Alina Stanescu

    Alina Stanescu

    Media Radio Lead

  • George Floricel

    George Floricel

    OOH Lead


  • A savvy team of experts in communication, media planning, content creation, performance marketing, and data analytics. Finding solutions to the most complex challenges through a unique combination of data, technology, and industry know-how.

  • The first Romanian media agency to be recognized at Cannes. Over more than two decades in the communication industry, Starcom collected awards from festivals like Eurobest, Ador, Portoroz, Effie, and Webstock. Their talents? Consumer Understanding, Innovation, Digital, Planning, Buying, and Special Projects.

  • Media agency that brings forth a unique vision, based on the fusion of a start-up spirit with an entrepreneurial core and an innovative business approach. Leveraging the resources and capabilities of Publicis Media to deliver stellar results.

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